Branding vs Marketing vs Advertising; What’s The Difference?

We’re all guilty, now and again, of using terminology people outside our industry don’t get. But when you’re in the business of communications, that’s a mistake you simply shouldn’t be allowed to make. We do try to steer away from buzzwords as much as possible, but some of the bigger concepts, we’ve come to realise, … Continued

How to determine your competitive positioning – and why should you even bother?!

OK first of all, let’s dispense with the semantics. Competitive positioning. Strategic positioning. Competitive differentiation. It’s all the same thing. And what is that, I hear you say…  What Is Competitive Positioning?  It’s how you position your business in the mind of the consumer, compared to your competitors. You could be the biggest, the cheapest, … Continued

Seven Steps To Better Marketing – Part 2

For those of you who missed the first part of this article, here’s a quick recap:   We defined the three essential prerequisites for ‘Better Marketing’ as:  hire an experienced strategic marketing brain, bring them into the leadership team of your business and give them scope to align marketing and brand strategies with the overall business … Continued

Seven Steps To Better Marketing

You’ve heard of the expression ‘being in the flow’, or ‘in the zone’, well Better Marketing is kind of like that. It’s when every aspect of marketing your business is working just about perfectly. When people clearly understand who you are, the value you offer, when qualified leads walk through the door already liking your … Continued

How Much Should You Spend On Marketing?

As much as you need, to grow your business, at the rate you want. It’s pretty much as simple as that. But that’s not the answer you’re looking for.  You’re looking for a percentage. A way to determine how much to carve out for the marketing department every year at budget time. OK. We’ll give … Continued

Building A Brand, Building A Website: Same Same?

Building a brand used to be pretty straightforward (if rather expensive)! Name. Logo. Tagline. A series of print ads. 48 sheets all over town (that’s billboards, dear reader), a few TV ads and you’re off and running.  Well, it wasn’t quite that easy. You had to have a pretty good product for a start. A … Continued

Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2022.

“Next year is going to be all about voice search. By year-end VR and the metaverse will be the fastest-growing ad medium. Print media is dead. Radio has had its day. Nobody watches TV anymore”.   Perhaps we’re just getting a bit older, and maybe a little wiser (…?) but we’ve heard all of this stuff before, many, many … Continued

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